Wednesday Cover Slot; Like A Storm – Gangster’s Paradise

Wednesday Cover Slot banner

Well after a short break to assess the state of the universe, we’re back with the Wednesday cover slot.

This one is a blinder. Crank like a gangster!


Best of 2016 – Playlist


Well we’ve reached the end of the year and we reckon it’s been a damn good year for music.

There isn’t time to acknowledge all of the kick ass tunes we’ve slammed out so here’s our playlist of everything we think deserves a shout out.

Happy New Year. Bring on 2017.

Wednesday Cover Slot; At Vance – Money, Money, Money

Wednesday Cover Slot banner

Hear that? That’s the midweek party bell. So in celebration let’s take some classic Abba (bear with us…) and throw in some crunchy metal guitars and a dash of gravel…and Bob’s your favourite ninja, an awesome rock cover.