The Weekend Face-Melter Playlist: Seven

Is this week over yet? Oh wait! YES. Yes it is.

This gives us the right to thoroughly pummel your ear panels with another weekend face-melter playlist.

This one features some great new releases from Lower Than Atlantis, Jamie T and Twin Atlantic, plus some classics.

Have a good one.


The Weekend Face-Melter Playlist: Six

Look out everyone. Here comes the weekend barreling in at 100mph.

We’re slamming out another edition of the weekend face-melter playlist to hype us all up for an awesome weekend in the sun. It features some total bangers from Def Leppard, Jimmy Eat World, Simple Plan and a brand new shiny track from Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!



The Weekend Face-Melter Playlist: Five

Hello Friday! You and your Saturday and Sunday bros are looking mighty fine.

Shall we begin?


The Weekend Face-Melter Playlist: Four

Its the freakin’ weekend dudes. Here’s edition four of the weekend face-melter playlist to help us all bounce off the walls.

This week features FIDLAR, Story Untold, The Kills and Room 94.

Crank that.


The Weekend Face-Melter Playlist: Three

You hear that kids? That’s the sound of Friday and the imminent approach of the weekend.

Crank this loud. Full committal

The Weekend Face-Melter Playlist: Two

Friday! You sexy individual. I hope you brought Saturday and Sunday with you. Come in quick and shut the door before Monday rocks up!

Here’s the second edition  of the weekend face-melter playlists.

Happy weekend everyone.

The Weekend Face-Melter Playlist: One

It’s the freakin’ weekend kids, so allow us to help you slide into it with our new face-melter playlist feature.

Made up of both classic and new alt-rock, pop punk and post hardcore tracks, this is for hyping up and chilling out.

We sure hope your stereo goes up to eleven!


New Music Playlist – March/April 2016


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