Wednesday Cover Slot; Four Year Strong – Ironic

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No one like pop punk covers of that trash that falls out of the radio. So here’s a supercharged punk cover of Alanis Morissette’s ‘Ironic’.

Hooray for midweek!


Simple Plan Cancel Tour With All Time Low


French-Canadian pop rock band Simple Plan have cancelled their upcoming tour with All Time Low on the advice of frontman Pierre Bouvier’s doctor.

Bouvier has been advised to take “immediate vocal rest” or risk facing long term damage to his vocal chords.

The band recently released their new album ‘Taking One For The Team‘, and have announced a new tour for March 2017, but they will not be joined on this tour by All Time Low.


Waterparks Release “Stupid For You” Music Video


Cutie pop punker kids Waterparks have released a new music video for their track ‘Stupid For You‘.

If you haven’t checked these guys out yet, then you should get all over it like snuggles on a puppy.

Their debut album ‘Double Dare‘ is out now.

Real Friends Release Music Video For “Mess”


Illinois pop punkers Real Friends have released their new music video for track ‘Mess’.

They are currently signed to Fearless Records along with AS IT IS and Pierce The Veil.

They have UK shows planned for this December, so check them out while they’re hot!

Wednesday Cover Slot; At Vance – Money, Money, Money

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Hear that? That’s the midweek party bell. So in celebration let’s take some classic Abba (bear with us…) and throw in some crunchy metal guitars and a dash of gravel…and Bob’s your favourite ninja, an awesome rock cover.