The WingLab AlternXmas Playlist 2016

playlist banner xmas

Ah man, Christmas is nearly on us. We are well aware that there’s some serious nonsense that falls out of our speakers at this time of year, so we thought we’d counteract it with our own rock, punk and alternative playlist. Stuff you actually wanna listen to yo.

Fifty tracks. Crank it. Get Festive

Have a good one kids!


The Weekend Face-Melter Playlist: Ten


Hands up for the weekend.

We’ve reached the tenth edition of the face-melter playlist, and this one is a good one, featuring new tracks from Jimmy Eat World, AS IT IS and Sum 41.

You’re probably going to want to crank this one up.


Brand New Release New EP, ‘3 Demos, Reworked’


Unlike a lot of bands Brand New never seem consistent or adhere to any kind of expected schedule. Earlier this year they released a limited amount of cassettes containing the leaked demos from 2006. It now seems that three of these demos have been reworked into a new EP and are available to check out on Bandcamp.

At first listen it seems that they have nicely filled out the sounds and layers for each one, but still maintaining the suspense and feeling that the raw demos possessed. They are by no means changed as such, just simply filled out and bent into more glossy versions.

The three demos ‘Brother’s Song’, ‘Missing You’, and the very Smith’s-sounding ‘1996’ are available to purchase and include the original 2006 versions.

Check them out below and let us know what you think.