New Music Review; Chasing Cadence – “Destroy Something Beautiful” EP

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Alt-rock quintet Chasing Cadence are currently gunning for glory. Their past history has seen them play support slots with the likes of Taking Back Sunday, Don Broco and Glamour Of The Kill, as well as coverage from Kerrang!, Rock Sound and BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat.

Hailing from Hertfordshire UK, the band are made up of Jack (Vocals), Rob (Rhythm Guitar), Tom (Lead Guitar), Dan (Bass) and Alfie (Drums). The boys plan to release their new EP ‘Destroy Something Beautiful’ on September 16th, so we took out our ear paddles and wrapped them around it to see what it was all about.

The five-track EP begins with the comically titled ‘Its Not The Length That Count’s. It’s What You Do With It’. From the outset there is no shortage of noise, and the volcanic build up kicks your earflaps into an upright position where they’ll pretty much stay for the rest of the EP. Perhaps the title refers to the length of the song, which pounds us straight into an explosive and slightly unhinged riff that maintains it’s supercharge for a mere two minutes, before swinging into the second track ‘Harbour’.

Harbour wastes no time in confronting you with a wall of frantic riffs before elegantly diving into a more delicately-paced vocal. Emanating a more laid back feel, reminiscent of earlier Deaf Havana, it clutches onto some dramatic pauses and introspective lyrics that we usually reserve for the nostalgia-inducing playlists.

‘Watching The World’ is by far our favourite track on the EP. Launching into a somewhat Rage Against The Machine-style riff that styles out well with the machine gun drums, only to then add a serious vocal hook that you could quite happily have on repeat. Although powerful and monstrous, we can’t help feel like the vocals are a little strained and may have been improved by a slightly less screamed tone. Nonetheless, it is a huge track and well worth a listen.

Their latest video release ‘Everyone Relax’, which you can check out below, starts up using some clean cut vocals to lull you into a false sense of security before slamming you headlong into an unshackled chorus of sneering and angsty vocal roars that bands like Young Guns and Mallory Knox would be proud of. The massive climbing melodies make for a very listenable track, before it abruptly ends mid-charge like puma running headlong into a brick wall. Except the puma is on fire and being chased by masked gunmen.

The last track and the band’s most recent hit ‘Dear Life’ has landed them recent success  as the theme to TNA Xplosion Wresting, and is a trampling four minutes of intermittent guitar and understated synthy lines that babble away under sky high choruses.

The whole EP is a delicious fest of brutal guitars and colossally dense but uplifting vocals. Not only is it rock radio-friendly but possesses that passion and power that some bands within the genre often fail to maintain for a couple of tracks, let alone a whole EP. Careful on the volume with this one though kids, as those grinding guitars could easily have your ears off.

For fans of: Young Guns, Mallory Knox, Don Broco

Release date: 16th September 2016

Chasing Cadence will play a special release show on 29th September at The Black Heart in Camden, London. Tickets for this can be purchased at or at In addition, they will play at the televised Unsigned Music Awards on 27th October at the Troxy, London.

You can also check out all their latest info on and




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