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What up kids.

All Tied Up

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Again we have another awesome new band for you guys to check out. This time hailing from the UK town of Milton Keynes (Satan’s lay-by. Fuck yeah), this upbeat four-piece are thrashing out some super catchy pop punk for your ear flaps to absorb.

They have that classic but loved pop punk flavour. With stuttering guitars, bouncing bass lines, and icing sugar hooks that fly into natural soaring choruses. All in all resulting in some spleen-bending riffs that All Time Low would be proud of.

We caught up with them recently to try and get a little more insight into what they’re about.

WLC:  So tell us a little about the band. Who you are, how you got into writing music together.

ATU:  So, we are All Tied Up – a 4 piece pop punk/ pop rock band from the arsehole of East Anglia. The band basically started when Dave and Nick decided to turn some acoustic songs into punk songs for a bit of fun, and they turned out sounding quite a lot better than expected! A lot of friends seemed to be quite keen on the sound we had going, it all seemed to fall into place, and before we knew it, we had a few gigs lined up. We gave Billy and Leebo a message to see if they wanted to work on the project, as we are all old friends from school and have been in various bands with each other beforehand so we knew we would have a pretty tight working relationship together. Things have slowly started escalating from there.

WLC:  How did your sound develop? Did you start with something specific, like “We wanna write pop punk that sounds like…”, or did you develop it as you went?

ATU:  We have never gone for a specific sound or anything like that, we just seem to go with however the song turns out. Whether it’s upbeat and punky, or darker and heavier, if it sounds catchy, we just run with it.  The foundations of tracks are usually there in a skeletal form from Dave’s ideas. Occasionally it needs very little work or input. Other times we rip it to shreds and shake shit up just to see where we can take the track!

WLC:  What is your greatest achievement as a band so far, and what effect has it had?


ATU:  Some of our greatest achievements would be when we got the opportunity to support the amazing bands we listened to as teenagers, like Spunge, 4ft fingers and Whitmore. Along with that, our first two recordings, ‘Back 2 Basics’ and ‘Impossible To Breathe’, were entirely self-funded, recorded, produced and promoted. That’s something which has been a tremendous struggle on a literal shoestring budget, but equally as rewarding.


“Some of our greatest achievements would be when we got the opportunity to support the amazing bands we listened to as teenagers”

WLC:  Who would you most like to tour with and why?

ATU:  We are all such diverse people, which is as entirely cliché as it sounds! Dave would love to tour Japan with Asian Kung Fu Generation, Billy and Leebo are massive hair metal fans and would willingly be bottled off stage supporting bands like Motley Crue and Guns n Roses. Nick is a massive fan of the Beach Boys but would be just as happy sharing a stage with the likes of Blink 182, New Found Glory etc. To be fair, Don Broco are an incredible band from just down the road in Bedford and Leebo is a massive fan of theirs too. It would be pretty awesome for a higher profile local band to take us under their wings!

WLC:  Are you all pretty level-headed or is there one of you that is a little off the rails?

ATU:  I would say we are all more or less level headed, we all have our faults and diva moments occasionally, but acknowledging them between each other and putting up with them is what makes us stronger as a band. There’s four very different personalities within the band ranging from super chill Billy and Dave, to the goof around Nick, to Mr.  ‘business’ Leebo – and as much as it may seem that those personalities clash, they offset each other surprisingly well. When things get stressful or out of hand, we usually have a ‘bro down’ over a cigarette and a beer and get shit sorted.


WLC:  So what’s the most bizarre situation that you guys have been in?


ATU:  Bizarre situation… we’d LOVE to say that we once sniffed lines of cocaine from the breasts of a midget stripper, or something equally as punk rock as that.. – but in actuality.. that was only Leebo, and that was back in his college days and long before the band.
We had a show on a tour last year in London that we had been booked on with some other ‘punk’ bands which we were really looking forward to, especially being our debut London show. What we didn’t get told, was that the other punk bands were eastern European ‘right wing’ skinhead punk bands. The venue itself was actually a really cool little ‘dive bar’ and had an awesome vibe about it. We turn up for sound check all pop punk and skater shorts, vans etc – to be met with some seriously HARD looking dudes who, after hearing us soundcheck, looked as if they wanted to fucking kill us! We had a 30 minute slot which we condensed into about 15 minutes and got the fuck out of there as quickly as we could!

“We turn up for sound check all pop punk and skater shorts, vans etc – to be met with some seriously HARD looking dudes who, after hearing us soundcheck, looked as if they wanted to fucking kill us!”
WLC:  So what is coming up on the horizon for you guys?

ATU:  We have an EP coming out later in the year or early next year that we are currently working on, and another single and music video are in the pipelines too. Hopefully we’ll be stocking up on some new merch, booking a couple of tours and getting out on the road a whole lot more. We’ve spent this past 6 months or so focusing on the new material, refining some slightly older songs and booking more out of town shows so that we can get out of Milton Keynes and get to hang out with a bunch of our social media family who follow us.


Keep your keeno peepers on these guys, as them and their cutting syncopation are going to be smashing out of Milton Keynes and into venues near you very soon.


Check out: ‘Two Wrongs Make A Right’ and ‘Life Worth Living’






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