New Band Spotlight (And Interview): Distances

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Occasionally via the medium of social networking we get to find out about some really cool new bands.

Recently we caught up with an Australian-based bunch called Distances. Although they’re rocking out in a totally different time-zone, these Melbourne-based pop punkers took a second to answer a few questions, and as it turns out they’re a pretty determined and dedicated group of dudes.

Beginning fairly recently in mid-to-late 2015 via mutual friends and music forums, they initially tried to knuckle down and thrash out as much song writing as they could. After this they recorded their debut two-track EP called ‘Preface’, which served as a powerful intro to a band that clearly have both the ability and mindset for success.

Mikey from the band took some time to chat to us about their ideas and plans.

WLC: Could you tell us a little about your main influences and how they affect what you write?

Mikey: The main influences are bands and artists like Joyce Manor and Jeff Rosenstock. They inspire me because they write with complete honesty and without fear and I try to do the same.

WLC: What are the future plans and aspirations?

Mikey: Well, we’re recording some new songs to finish our debut EP in June/July and then we’re gonna play as many shows as we can. I think our aspirations at this stage are to get the EP out and then try and play some shows interstate.

WLC: Do you have any advice for new bands who are starting up?

Mikey: I would say make as many friends and go to as many shows as you can. Supporting others means that others will support you and that’s not only good for yourself but the scene too. The ‘pay it forward’ mentality will take you far!

With their reflective lyricism and explosive chorus, their track ‘Song For Your Shadow’ pounds your ears with soaring vocals and lashings of hooky power pop guitars. There’s no lack of skill or talent with these guys and they go one step into the realm of unconventional by creating strange but brilliant tension and tempo drops.

Keep your pop punk peepers on these guys, as their quirky and compelling style is likely to be slamming its way onto playlists, festivals and the whole scene very soon.

Their EP ‘Preface’ is available now at DistancesAu.Bandcamp

Check out: Song For Your Shadow





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