Slam Dunk Fest. 2016 – Taste Test Playlist

slam dunk festival

Lady femmes and gentle dudes. Slam Dunk Festival 2016 is almost upon us. We are as excited as a toddler in an ice cream factory. So what’s our main issue? Which bands do we wanna see?

To save you all the Googling and Spotify searches, we’ve whacked out a Slam Dunk 2016 Taste Test Playlist for your earholes to absorb.

There are some killer bands on this years line-up, but be sure to check out the smaller and lesser known bands early in the day, because these are the guys that will be headliners in years to come.

We will be live tweeting from the Midlands festival set up on Sunday 29th (we will also have free stickers for the cool kids). Follow the action at @WingLConspiracy


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We run the WingLab Conspiracy new music website. Write for Pop Punk World and BBC Intro. All views are our own.

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